Do Not Be Called Rabbi


It is now common to have Christian churches that read the Jewish Talmud to their people every week. They sing songs in Hebrew. They have people chant Hebrew phrases. They tell Christians that they need special teachers, steeped in the knowledge of rabbinic Judaism, or they cannot understand their Bible. Rabbinic Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees. It is not Old Testament Judaism. It does not believe in the sovereign God of the Old Testament. It lives by the traditions of the Talmud, which are not part of the Old Testament. It denies that Jesus was the Son of God or the Christ (the Messiah). It is a religion of traditions, prayers, and humanitarian works. This is being followed today. The purpose of this short book is to investigate the claims of the Bible and the claims of the Christians who want to use rabbinic Judaism to interpret the Bible. We will attempt to show what the Bible says and the dangers of following today’s Judaizers.

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