Relational Concepts was formed in 1983 by Dave DeWitt.

The purpose of the Relational Concepts’ school of Discipleship is to provide men and women with a Bible college/seminary level education in areas related to personal discipleship in Christ.

This education is provided through Bible-based material presented individually and in small groups to the general Christian community by qualified disciplers. Men disciple men and women disciple women to become faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is all done to the end that eventually each disciple will become a discipler capable of establishing his or her own ministry of reproduction.

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Relational Concepts’ School of Discipleship is made up of Equippers, Discipler/Teachers, and Students.

Equippers are full, part-time, or volunteer leaders qualified to teach any of the courses, write material, and answer a wide range of Bible-oriented questions about life and God.

Discipler/Teachers are lay people specialized in teaching one or more of the Relational Concepts’ courses via one-on-one tutoring or leading a small group of students.

Students are men and women of all ages who are willing to meet with an Equipper or Discipler/Teacher to learn to study the Bible.

A Note on Our Material

The material made available by Relational Concepts is provided free of charge. Click here to learn more about Our Ministry and our mission.

Our materialĀ is intentionally not copyrighted. Feel free to use or copy any of it at any time and for any purpose. Material is available in digital and hardcopy form.