Matthew Jenkins is a 38-year-old business man and a widower with a 10-year-old son named Ben. Since his wife’s violent death seven years ago, he has been busy with his father’s heavy equipment company and taking care of Ben. The thing he likes to do most is fly his CJ3 Citation business jet, especially with his son Ben, who loves flying as much as his father. But when Matt’s retiring father pressures him to become the head of the company, Matt needs to find another qualified company pilot to fly “his” airplane. This would lead Matt into an adventure with his family, his friends, some really bad people, a beautiful girl, and a fellowship challenge beyond anything he had ever encountered. But, what is fellowship? Can anyone have fellowship? What are its benefits? What are its dangers? This short book will explore the biblical idea of fellowship and what is involved in the separation of fellowship. The odd numbered chapters are a story about Matt and Ben and an adventure that changed their lives. The even numbered chapters will discuss the content of the fellowship issues they encounter. Enjoy.

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