Does the way we define faith really matter? Faith is trust. But, is faith (a) trusting a blind leap, or (b) trusting reason applied to evidence? The answer to that question is the foundation of every worldview. It’s the basis of every scientific, religious, or philosophical system ever developed in all of history. Usually one definition or the other is assumed without it ever being examined. Well, in this book, we are going to examine it. The odd numbered chapters are a story, a short novel about two university students, as they explore the concept of faith and its impact on their relationship with each other and the danger that develops because of it. The even numbered chapters will discuss the concepts about faith, which are introduced to us by the students in our story. In these content chapters, we shall explore how faith is understood in the Bible, trace these contrasting views through history, and finally compare them to definitions of faith brought to our high-tech world by Quantum Physics.

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