Answering the Tough Ones


This booklet provides answers to 12 basic questions often asked by unbelievers:
  1. Is Jesus Christ the Only Way to God?
  2. Are Miracles Possible?
  3. Can Anyone Be Sure He’s Going to Heaven?
  4. Is the Bible Reliable?
  5. Isn’t Just Believing Too Simple?
  6. What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
  7. Isn’t Christianity Only a Psychological Crutch?
  8. Why Do the Innocent Suffer?
  9. Can Good Deeds Get Us to Heaven?
  10. How About the Hypocrites?
  11. What Does It Mean to Believe?
  12. How Do We Know that God Exists?
These answers are developed from the viewpoint of the unbeliever’s doubts, rather than being hints to help the believer “win the argument.” The author helps us get inside the mind of the unbeliever so that we can see what he or she is thinking and therefore be able honestly and openly to help him or her.

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